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About Shawn Hainsworth

Shawn Hainsworth is a Microsoft Certified Solution Expert, Pluralsight author, and blogs as the Legal BI Guy.

Pluralsight Courses

  • Creating & Deploying Azure Machine Learning Studio Solutions
  • Scalable Machine Learning with the Microsoft Machine Learning Server
  • Legal BI Guy Blog Highlights

  • Automated Machine Learning Overview
  • Using Machine Learning, Game Theory, and Optimization to Maximize Firm Profitability
  • Patent Landscaping using Machine Learning (4 posts)
  • Predicting Bankruptcy Outcomes (3 posts)
  • Preciting IPO Prices (5 posts)
  • Contract Knowledge Extraction using spaCy and Blackstone NLP
  • Understanding Linear Regression
  • Precision vs. Recall
  • Machine Learning Pipelines with SQL Server
  • Microsoft Certifications

  • Microsoft Certified Solution Engineer: Data Management and Analytics
  • Microsoft Certified Azure AI Engineer Associate
  • Microsoft Certified Solution Associate: Machine Learning
  • Acclaim Badges
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